From small beginnings hiring quality camping gear to those wanting to see the outdoors we have been helping Australians get off the beaten path and see Australia their own way for years.

We have been part of the transition from gas powered fridges and lights with the use of generators move towards compressor fridges, LED lighting and solar panels and battery systems to efficiently and safely power adventure.

Throughout this we have moved with the times, ensuring we have been able to provide not just what our customers want, but the best that is available, allowing our customers to relax and enjoy their holiday.



After nearly two years working with the world best manufacturers, continuous product development and constantly testing in the broad range of conditions that Australia can produce we launched Ixplor™ in 2019 confident our products are amongst the world’s best.

We want our customers to be able to focus on their adventure, to enjoy the freedom that exploring the world can provide while ensuring food is kept fresh, that lighting is available at the flick of a switch whilst having access to power allowing you to  record special memories, stay in touch with friends, plan your trip or even work remotely.

Our mission is simple. To power adventure anywhere, anytime.



Through a combination of innovation, continuous improvement and taking the time to listen to our customers, not just in the office but around the campfire, we aim to be recognised as a world class camping, outdoor living and adventure equipment supplier powering adventurers across the globe.


Ixplor™ provides adventurers, tourers and travellers with the absolute best when it comes to reliable and portable mobile living and adventure lifestyle equipment. We do this by partnering with the world’s best manufactures, ensuring our products undergo rigorous independent testing and constantly striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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