Dual Recharge Solar Lamp


Simple, functional and super convenient is what we aimed for in our dual rechargeable solar lamp. Charge the inbuilt Lithium battery when the sun is shining with the integrated solar panel or via a standard USB socket to give you at least 4 hours of light at night.

With a multifunction stand it can be used as a table lamp, used as a torch, mount it in your tent or just hang it from a branch this may be the only LED camp light you will need.

Ixplor™ Dual Recharge Solar Lamp Features:

  • User friendly lighting modes, dimmable to suit your need
  • No batteries required, fully integrated Lithium battery system
  • Totally Portable – no leads or wires
  • IP65 weather protection – water resistant against rain, splashes and spills
  • Dual recharging ability
    • Fully recharged in approx. 10 hours using the inbuilt solar panel
    • Fully recharged in approx. 3 hours from a 500mA USB
  • Multi-Function Stand, can be used as a table lamp, torch or hung from inside your tent
  • 12-month warranty
    Water Resistant IP 65 Solar and USB Charging Lithium Rechargeable Battery Fully Dimmable 



    1000mAh Li-Polymer


    ABS body, PVC Diffuser and Steel Stand

    Output Power

    1.7w led

    Working Time

    4+ hours full brightness

    USB Charge Time

    3 hours

    Solar Charge Time

    10 hours

    Colour Temperature


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