20A PMW Solar Controller

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The Ixplor 20-amp PMW solar controller, features an anodised aluminium body that is built to withstand harsh conditions that is as easy to use as it is strong. With a 3-stage charging profile to safely and efficiently charge your AGM, GEL or FLOODED batteries combined with built-in electronic protection systems both your batteries and solar panels are safeguarded for maximum lifespan.

With an IP67 rating our 20-amp PMW controller is protected from dust and water ingress making it an excellent solution for both portable and permanent installations. You can set this regulator to charge your exact battery type, WET, AGM, CALCIUM or GEL which ensures your battery is always being charged correctly for maximum battery life.

Ixplor™ IX series PMW Solar Controller Features:

  • 3 stage charging with bulk, boost / equalise and automatic float modes delivering an accurate and correctly regulated charge from your solar panels.
  • Battery status, charging state, charging mode and diagnostic information LED indicator
  • Built in electronic protection:
    • over charge
    • over discharge
    • overload,
    • PV short circuit protection
    • PV reverse protection
  • Automatic day/night switching
  • One button menu to access all functions
  • IP67 protection
  • 2-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee

Nominal System Voltage

12/24VDC Auto

Battery input voltage range


Rated charge/discharge current

260W/12V and 520W/24V

Max. PV input circuit voltage


Battery Type

Lead-acid battery: Sealed (Default) / Gel / Flooded



Temperature compensation



Working environment Temp


Ingress Protection Rating


Overall dimension(mm)


Cable Sizing



Genuine Anderson SB50™

Net weight



Charge Profiles 

Equalize Voltage

14.8V(12V) -/- 29.6V(24V)

Boost Voltage

14.4V(12V) -/- 28.8V(24V)

Float Voltage

13.7V(12V) -/- 27.4V(24V)

Low Voltage Reconnect Voltage

12.6V(12V) -/- 25.2V(24V)

Low Voltage Disconnect Voltage

11.2V(12V) -/- 22.4V(24V)

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